21st Century Oboe
Christopher Redgate & the Howarth-Redgate Oboe
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The following videos were made as part of my Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Creative and Performing Arts Fellowship at the Royal Academy of Music. In addition there is a studio performance of Paul Archbold's Fluxions.
All of the videos were made by Colin Still and Optic Nerve and edited by Jane Clegg.

These videos are intended to be introductions to most of the major contemporary techniques and are aimed at both composers and oboists.
The videos are in the following order:
1. Vibrato Effects
2. Tonguing and Articulation
3. Singing and Playing
4. Multiphonics
5. Microtones
6. Personal Altissimo Range Fingerings
7. Harmonics and Colour Fingerings
8. Glissandi
9. Generic High Range Fingerings
10. Double Trills
11. Circular Breathing
12. Breath Sounds
13. Altissimo Range Introduction

Vibrato Effects
Tonguing and Articulation

Singing and Playing



Personal Altissimo Range Fingerings

Harmonics and Colour Fingerings


Generic High Range Fingerings

Double Trills

Circular Breathing

Breath Sounds - using the instrument without the reed

Altissimo Range