21st Century Oboe
Christopher Redgate & the Howarth-Redgate Oboe
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Rethinking the Oboe: Developing an Instrument for the 21st Century

A temporary exhibition exploring the evolution of the oboe from the Baroque era to modern times
15 January to 28th March 2013

Royal Academy of Music Museum, Marylebone Road, London NW1 5HT
The following photographs and comments offer a brief 'stroll' through the exhibition space and introduce the various themes explored. 
 Photos: Hana Zushi, Royal Academy of Music
Entering the exhibition:

Oboist Wall:

1. Portraits of oboists: Evelyn Barbirolli (Rothwell) foreground

2. Portrait of an unknown oboist

3. Goossens

Central Display Cabinet

1. Lots of historic oboes

2. And yet more historic oboes!

Side Show Case:
This case focuses upon the background research that went into the development of the altissimo range on the new Howarth-Redgate oboe.

1. The pin-cushion oboe

2. Key-work experiments

3. Octave cups

Hamburger Key Wall:
The hamburger key is a significant part of the key-work of the Howarth-Redgate oboe - this display reveals some of the background work that went into the development of this key-work.

Composers Featured:
A number of composers have written for the new Howarth-Redgate oboe - this display includes photographs of the first six. There is also a CD listening booth which includes some of the works of these composers. Further details of these composers works can be found here. 

Features from the central display case:

1. The exhibition includes the oboe and for anglais of the 19th century oboist Antonino Pasculli - photographed here is his oboe case complete with one of his reeds.

2. A Boehm system oboe known as 'Old Spider Keys'

2. Howarth of London Oboes: the first Howarth oboe and the latest Howarth-Redgate instruments.

3. A second view!

Music and Notation:
The exhibition also includes a number of fingering charts and other interesting notational examples.

1. Fingering chart

2. Early fingering chart

3. Music and oboes

4. Music and oboes 2

5. Some contemporary music notation

Exhibition ends:

With many thanks to the Arts and Humanities Research Council who funded the research project and Howarth of London for their time, expertise, friendship and backing throughout the research period and beyond.