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Oboe+ : berio and beyond

Oboe+ :Berio and Beyond is a cutting edge contemporary classical music album. 

This is the most technically challenging oboe music around. The music pushes the 

oboe to its absolute limits! 

The Performers:

Christopher Redgate - oboe and oboe d'amore

Julian Warburton - percussion

Roger Redgate - violin

The Music: 

'...sting of the bee...' Improvisation - Christopher Redgate

Ausgangspunkte - Roger Redgate

Argrophylax - Michael Young  

Pavasiya - Michael Finnissy  

Recoil - Sam Hayden 

Sequenza VII - Luciano Berio  

Press Reviews:

"What better choice than Christopher Redgate to present a selection of 

contemporary British works....Each work receives performances which are both 

technical feats of virtuosity as well as the products of a virtuosic imagination. 

Interestingly, listening to Sequenza VII after the other works, which push the oboe 

beyond the extremities of register and technique, reveals new perspectives on the

work – never have I experienced such a tender reading of the work, particularly 

during the final section in which the multiphonics stand so elegantly poised." 

SPNM on-line review. Philip Thomas.

"This extraordinary disc from the oboe fanatic's label is a showcase for 

multiphonics, triple tonguing, flutter tonguing and circular breathing. But while the 

sounds and their production are compelling, this is intensely meaningful virtuosity. 

Although primarily an interpreter, Redgate improvises on "Le Api" ("The Bees") by 

19th century oboist Antonino Pasculli, blasting through a compendium of extended 

techniques like a free jazz wildman...Forget the instrument's bucolic image, this is 

a great recording of new music." 

Andy Hamilton: The Wire

"Christopher Redgate is a tireless champion of music that embraces extended 

oboe techniques...throughout Christopher Redgate gives everything, not only in 

terms of his commitment, but also in his undying energy." 

Melinda Maxwell: Double Reed News

The British oboist and composer Edwin Roxburgh has said: "It's not simply your 

virtuosity which amazes me, it is the sensitivity of your artistry, especially in 

Roger's piece and the Berio. There is no question in my mind that yours (without 

exception) is the finest recording of the Sequenza and the finest performance. As 

for your piece, the question arises - why have you not composed more music? 

Perhaps you have a secret horde. If so, we should hear it. This is the finest 

possible tribute to your playing and to the composers you have served with such 


Supporting materials:

The oboeclassics.com website contains an article on listening to contemporary 

music. A second article was written for the British Double Reed magazine. All of 

this material has been translated into German and published in Rohrblatt.