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Research into the altissimo range of the oboe has caused me to develop a number of Generic Fingerings for the instrument. A brief description of these fingerings can be found below.  

I have written several articles on the subject of developing this range including a guide for composers which is a shortened version of an article that should be published next year. See the Fellowship Outputs page for more details.
The fingerings can be downloaded as a pdf by clicking this link: Latestaltissimofingerings.pdf. 

Each of the generic fingerings can be heard on the video pages or below.

The Generic Fingerings: An outline

I wanted to develop a range of fingerings that could be used without teeth in the very top range of the instrument (top G6 to C7). For many years I have performed in this range but been frustrated by the problem of the use of teeth on the reed. As well as developing better fingerings in this range, I wanted to lay the foundations for a methodology that would enable me to search for high range fingerings on any instrument and to extend the range beyond top C7.

I gathered together almost 200 fingerings for pitches from top G6 upwards. I then tested out each of these fingerings on several reeds and on different instruments before categorizing them. From these fingerings I developed a range of generic fingerings that represent the foundation for the most commonly used fingerings in this range. These fingerings therefore can be used by oboists as a basis for developing their own fingerings. Many of them do work and could be used on many instruments but some may need some refinements first!

My own fingerings, developed for the thumb-plate system oboe can be seen in My Personal Fingerings. They can of course also be used on a Conservatoire-system oboe often as they are but occasionally with a little modification. In addition I have developed a number of 1/4 tone fingerings and semi-tone trill fingerings. Simply click the links for a downloadable Pdf for each.

The Video