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Edwin Roxburgh - The Well Tempered Oboe

Photo: Birmingham Conservatoire
Edwin Roxburgh's Programme note:

Chris Redgate has been using a Fellowship at the Royal Academy of Music to create and construct additional mechanism for the oboe to facilitate the extreme high register and multiphonic capabilities of the instrument. This is revolutionary work, and I was very pleased to collaborate with him in composing a work to illustrate these special features, resulting in The Well Tempered Oboe, premiered at the launch of the instrument (manufactured by Howarth of London) on 2nd November 2011. The title derives from a Bach quotation which presents the first four chords of his Chaconne in D minor with oboe multiphonics. Each movement is based on a Bach title and gives the pianist an equally virtuosic role. It is a privilege to have been involved in such a landmark project. (Edwin Roxburgh)

Premiere performance: 2nd November 2011, Royal Academy of Music, London. Christopher Redgate - oboe, Stephen Robbings - piano

Recording: New Music for a New Oboe Vol. 1. Metier/Divine Art 


I have also recorded a CD of Roxburgh's oboe music: Roxburgh Music for Oboe (Metier/ Divine Art)