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Composer Basics - writing for the oboe family

This page is split up into several sections. Simply click the link below to take you to the area of interest. 

I have included this section to try to offer composers help with a number of areas of composition for the oboe. Some of this information can be found in orchestration books but they are not written by oboists and tend to either be a little out of date or careful in their advice. Additionally they frequently do not deal with important questions for which the contemporary composer needs answers. Some of the sections are included because, from many years experience, I have found that there are areas of instrumental technique that are not well taught to composers and therefore the same mistakes occur frequently in compositions. In addition some links take you to other sections of this site for the information.

Instrument Ranges

Transposition Issues

Breathing and Circular Breathing

Articulation and its Notation 

Warnings for composers!

See also other information on this site in Multiphonics, Range Development, Microtonal Oboe and Harmonics.

Demonstrations of many of the contemporary techniques can be seen in the Videos section.